Type II Stormwater Treatment System

Exceptional nutrient removal efficiency

Proven to out-perform the competition

Oil, sand, and grease separator alarm systems to benefit the world’s environment.

Highly efficient, all-natural filtration media

Denitrification and Phosphorus adsorption

Meets all international discharge standards

Stormwater denitrification system

Sized according to treatment volume

May be used for in-line or off-line flow

Static Stormwater Remediation Chemistry

Reduces environmental toxicity of stormwater

Improves existing treatment systems

Second Generation Stormwater Treatment System

NutriGone™ filtration media BAM

Upflow filter configuration

Removes contaminants entering drainage systems

Can be used in new or existing catch basins

Easy to clean and maintain

Replaceable high-flow cassette filter

Integrated into the last baffle wall of the EcoVault®

Available in many sizes and easy to maintain

Passive stormwater filtration technologies

Absorb or remove numerous contaminants

Designed for a variety of needs and configurations

Reliable media at low cost

Exceptional pollutant removal rates

Suitable for variety of applications

Installed under curbs to prevent damage

Available in wide range of sizes and models

Inexpensive and easy to install

Contains everything you need to be prepared for quick control of hazardous spills

Wide range of kits for many levels of spills

Harnesses power of beneficial microbes

Treats at least 50kg of BOD per day

Low maintenance cost