“The Most Convenient Wastewater Treatment System in the World”

The BioCleaner system is a revolutionary, patented US technology that harnesses the power of nature to treat all types of organic waste in sewage treatment plants (STP) or wastewater treatment plants such as:

• Natural waterways (lakes, rivers, creeks)

• Residential and commercial sectors

• Industrial (factories, industrial parks, economic zones)

• Agricultural (horse barns, fisheries, dairies, etc.)

The technology has gone through years of research and development in the United States. The Biocleaner has a rating for green patent A, and sets itself apart from all other technologies. Unlike other biological treatment systems, which require regular application of microbes, the Biocleaner constantly produces large quantities of beneficial bacteria, eliminating the need for everyday assistance.

Quick Facts:

• Works Anaerobically or Aerobically

• Can be adjusted or engineered to meet any projects needs

• The water can be recycled back into your system

• Can be treated to Potable levels with the inclusion of a UV system

• Works best in a wastewater depth between 6-15 feet

A complete biological wasterwater treatment system

Floats in a tank or any body of water

Capture!In nature, microbes help to decompose dead material. Just like in nature, Biocleaner uses natural microbes to treat wastewater, returning it to its original, balanced stage.

The BioCleaner’s unique patented, bead based media contains dormant microbes that are ready to start their digestion-based work. When microbes are exposed to oxygen and nutrients, they start to activate and multiply. The newly produced microbes, with the help of oxygen rich micro-bubbles, evenly distribute over the entire water basin and treat the wastewater, bringing it to the required standards. The media is located along the bottom of the BioCleaner in a cylindrical, stainless steel, perforated tube component that protects the media and the microbes. Specific microbes are used based on the determined target pollutants.

The microbes that are used in the system are all-natural, have not been genetically modified, and are classified by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as Biosafety Level 1. Biosafety Level 1 means that if a person ingests the microbes, it will not do any harm. All the microbes are indigenous to the country and will not cause harmful outbreaks or mutations.

The Biocleaner delivers a large amount of oxygen to the water, which enables microbes to reproduce and flourish. The media’s life span is estimated at 10 years, with understanding that through that time the media will slowly erode and its effectiveness will slightly decrease. The Biocleaner is a natural, cost effective, green and fast method of treating wastewater.

A standard BioCleaner will eliminate the need for the desludging process, which will significantly reduce the expenses that are associated with that process and lower the overall costs. BioCleaner can decrease the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), oil, grease, coliforms, and surfactants. It will also increase the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the wastewater to further benefit the cleaning process.

Another benefit of the Biocleaner is that it significantly minimizes the odor, breaking down hydrogen sulfide. Microbes break the bond between the hydrogen and sulfide, digesting sulfide itself. Places where odor control is important will greatly benefit from this technology.

BioCleaner can treat wastewater to the point that it can meet the standards necessary for recycling and reuse in toilets, irrigation systems, and carwashes.

BioCleaner can be retrofitted to existing sewage treatment plants (STP) or wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). The compact nature, mobility, and easy assembly of Biocleaner enables almost all existing systems to benefit from the design.

The BioCleaner Advantage

 • Clean environment allowing fauna and flora to thrive

• Flexibility in relocation

• Eliminates odor

• Low maintenance cost

• Eliminates use of chemicals

• Eliminates Phosphorus

• Eliminates Nitrogen

• Eliminates sludge

• Eliminates dredging

The BioCleaners MISSION is to make a convenient, easy to use system, that is cost effective, and flexible enough to be placed within any existing treatment parameters, and will clean the surrounding water in the safest and most environmentally friendly way.

“The BioCleaner VISION is to see a world where hazardous wastewater doesn’t exist, because clean water is ever-present and easily accessible. With systems like ours, everyone has the ability to create clean, reusable water.”