About EcoSense International Inc.

EcoSense International is an increasingly well-recognized company dedicated to assisting our customers to achieve compliance with environmental laws by providing affordable and effective solutions for removing pollutants from stormwater.

Unlike many others in this industry, our solutions target the capture and removal of pollutants right at the drainage inlet (source), rather than further downstream where problems often accumulate, making filtration less effective.

With the design concepts of our original, patented, hydrocarbon-based filtration system, both large and small, we provide solutions to capture many other contaminants that commonly pass into storm drains. Municipalities, governmental agencies, military operations, industrial complexes, commercial outlets and others interested in making a serious effort to keep pollutants out of their water supplies, have an immediate use for our international line of thoroughly tested products.  Recently issued, mandatory requirements for water pollution control from EPA and European governments will also serve as a driving force in marketing and sales of our products.

Environmental Stewardship

According to a February 22nd, 2006 statement, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now considers pollution from all diffuse sources, including urban stormwater pollution, to be the most important source of contamination in the nation’s waters. EPA ranks urban runoff and storm sewer discharges together as the second most prevalent source of water quality impairment in the nation’s estuaries, after industrial discharges, and the fourth most prevalent source of impairment in lakes after agriculture, unspecified non-point sources, and atmospheric deposition of pollutants. Uncontrolled urban runoff also contributes to hydrologic and habitat modification, two important sources of river impairment identified by the EPA.

Mission Statement

EcoSense International’s goal is to develop and provide the highest efficiency stormwater treatment products that are both user friendly and cost efficient.

This will allow for fair and equitable profits that will further company’s growth while enabling our employees to share the American Dream, so that they may contribute to the community in which we live while establishing a world in which our delicate environment will be conscientiously protected.