Letter from our Founder

Dear Stakeholders, Employees, Colleagues, and most importantly, our current and future involved citizens,

It is important for all of humanity to realize the fact that while living in a world of excess and high speed everything, we should never forget or discount the ultimate importance of what supports us and how critically important our existence is related to a healthy environment.
I grew up and spent most of my life here in our beautiful state of Florida, along with some other states and countries, often surrounded by great honest people, luscious greenery, healthy clean water, and gorgeous beaches. By taking an intellectual and sincere look at where we are environmentally today versus when I was born, our current heading is deeply concerning. As a society, we must change the odds towards making a positive difference.

My name is George Dussich and I am the Founder and proud CEO of EcoSense International. We here at ESI are a Florida-based company that designs and manufactures innovative, efficient and cost-effective water treatment solutions. The advanced design of our products mainly focus on addressing the globally growing problem of stormwater and industrial wastewater pollution. What we have achieved and continue to offer are significant advances and efficient methods of controlling nutrient overloads and debris removal, via patented, time-proven, and cost-effective filtration systems. I founded our company in 2000 and have established that our primary goals must always be in tune and based on our planet’s sensitive environmental needs, instead of on greed based high profit returns.
To achieve our goals, we realized the importance of building a solid core foundation that entails only offering our ESI employment opportunities to motivated individuals that are as dedicated in helping the fragile environment, as we are. We like to know that our employees are deeply committed and environmental conscientious so we are ensured that each day they live up to the values on which ESI was founded.
Over the years and in different parts of the world, we have made great strides in our mission of properly cleaning a diverse and impressive volume of polluted runoff water, wherever our systems are installed and correctly maintained. These are often focal discharge areas that many times would otherwise have allowed untreated dangerous contaminates to discharge unabated directly into endangered receiving bodies of water. Yes, ESI is committed to designing and developing safe, reliable, and affordable real solutions, or should I say, diverse systems, that when properly maintained, are recognized by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as being the better systems. Simply stated, we develop solid, well-proven products that help promote our community’s future ability for our world’s citizens to live in a cleaner surrounding.
Over the years, we are so grateful to been accepted in many other countries where we’ve invested much time and effort in becoming established. The list of new countries is growing every year. We are so gratified to be a part of their success stories. Our advanced technology solutions can be found as far South as Puerto Rico, to as far north as Tromsö, Norway (500 kilometers North of Arctic Circle). We are established in the Scandinavian countries, Canada, Italy, Holland, Puerto Rico and of course, here at home in the United States.
An important part of our company’s progress is due to the way we do business (just ask our past and current customers what they think of us). We are constantly reminded that our world faces increasing challenges as we move forward while focusing on the needs for a cleaner environment. Ever since our company began, we have always tried to stay focused on going that extra mile to do our part. happy to report that, we are now recognized as one of the leaders in meeting those challenges, thus helping our customer’s to achieve their goals.
Our mission statement is: “To develop and provide the highest efficiency stormwater treatment products that are both user friendly and cost effective. Which will allow for fair and equitable profits that will further our company growth, while enabling our employees to share the American Dream, so they may contribute to the community in which we live, while establishing a world in which our delicate environment will be consistently protected.”
Lastly, if we all work together and continue to intellectually support the stormwater remediation industry’s innovation and commitments, we will, as a society, ultimately enjoy keeping our eyes focused on the future. ESI’s commitment as viable storm and industrial water treatment innovators, is that we will never give up on our focus of constantly searching out ways of pioneering cost effective water remediation solutions. These viable solutions will significantly help along with no longer accepting business as usual. As concerned and involved citizens we should  not accept anything less than demanding that our leaders set their humanitarian commitments on ways to properly train and educate our society on becoming excellent environmental stewards. this would be a major tool to help sustain our planet for generations to come.

George Dussich, President/CEO
EcoSense International, Inc.