Type II Baffle Box

Precast Stormwater Filtration System

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The EcoVault® is a Type II Stormwater Treatment System which demonstrates exceptional nutrient removal efficiency.

EcoVaults® are designed and hydraulically checked for each installation; usually precast (concrete) and delivered completely assembled with the exception of very large units (which may be cast on site). As a standard, all internal components, debris screens, baffles, filters, spreaders etc. are stainless steel, PVC and concrete.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection minimum standard for Type II Baffle Boxes is a load reduction effectiveness of 19.05% Total Nitrogen (TN) and 15.5% Total Phosphorus (TP). However, a 2014 independent study demonstrated that the EcoVault® easily exceeds the FDEP minimum standards, and outperforms competitors’ Gross Pollutant Separators (CDS Hydrodynamic Separator by Contech and Nutrient Separating Baffle Box by Suntree Technologies).

EcoVault® verified removal rates:

• Total Phosphorus: 57%

• Fecal Coliform: 77%

 • Zinc: 79%

• TSS: 91%

ecovault-a Capture2

 The EcoVault® multi-stage filtration system provides separation, screening, and filtration

EcoVault® design features allow for a quicker settling velocity, ensuring maximum particulate capture.

The EcoVault® will remove coarse organic materials and debris, e.g. grass clippings, leaves, litter etc. and will trap and store them above the static water line, greatly reducing decomposition and nutrient leeching.  Debris screens span the entire width of the EcoVault®, creating extensive storage volume, while allowing for continuous flow treatment.  The EcoVault® will remove sediments, heavy metals, nitrogen, phosphorous, oil, and grease.

The EcoVault® Baffle Box Construction


Pre-cast, reinforced concrete for strength and durability

Multi-piece construction, to minimize shipping and lifting requirements

Slab top

Access hatches, as required

H-20 Load rating, as required




Cast-integrated concrete baffles

Full width Debris Screens

  • expanded aluminum or stainless steel with heavy frame
  • debris screen hatches for full sump access
  • elevation may be adjusted in the field
  • self-adjusting system available

EcoVault® Sizing

Model Size LxW
(ft x ft)
Typical Pipe Size (in)80% TSS Removal Efficiency Flow (cfs)Screen Storage Capacity (cf)Sediment Chamber Capacity (cf)Total Contaminant Capacity (cf)
5 x 1112 - 301887150237
6 x 1218 - 3627144201345
8 x 1430 - 5446324321645
8 x 1636 - 5450360369729
10 x 1642 - 66675504651015
12 x 2054 - 7210810089451953

Sizing may vary depending of the specific site conditions and requirements

Internal Components

The Baffle Buddy™ Cassette Filter is a high flow filter integrated into the last baffle wall of the EcoVault®. It becomes the final internal weir.

Baffle Buddy Cassette Filters are replaceable and contain ESI MZ Filter medium, a patented modified alumino silicate media, which is designed to absorb cations and anions such as: chromate, selenite, sulfate, hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene, toluene, xylene), heavy metals (e.g. lead and cadmium), and various petroleum products from aqueous waste stream.

Maintaining an EcoVault®

Servicing the EcoVault® is simple with unique accessible hatches, and requires a vacuum truck to remove the sediments, accumulated organic matter, and litter. This maintenance should be performed on an as-needed basis.

Filter maintenance for the EcoVault® is simple.  The addition of specially designed hatches makes them easily accessible for periodic examination or filter change. In order for filters to remain effective, it is recommended that they should be replaced either annually, or semi-annually, depending on the local conditions. The cartridges are reusable, lowering the cost of replacement. Quarterly inspection of the vaults is recommended to ensure the debris screens are not getting clogged with larger organic matter.

EcoVault® Installation

Optional EcoVault® Features

• Material choices (internal): Stainless Steel or Aluminum

• Material choices (external): Fiberglass or Concrete

VaultOx Static Stormwater Remediation Modules

Lakbotec Sensor Systems

• Side bypasses

EcoView clear hatches:

viewing-hatches-3 viewing-hatches-1 viewing-hatches-2