Baffle Buddy™ Cassette Filters
Baffle Buddy™ Cassette Filters

The replaceable Baffle Buddy™ Cassette Filter contains ESI MZ Filter Media, a patented modified alumino-silicate media, which is designed to absorb cations and anions such as: chromate, selenite, sulfate, hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene, toluene, xylene), heavy metals (e.g. lead and cadmium), and various petroleum products from aqueous waste stream.

Cassette Filters are available in many sizes:

Size (Inches)Materials
20 x 20PVC
24 x 24PVC
24 x 60SS
32 x 38PVC
38 x 48SS

We also offer 24x30x7, stack-able filter that accommodates demands of FDOT for high flow capacity filters.


• Groundwater

• Stormwater

• Manufacturing Process Water

• Paint Stripping

• Electroplating

• Wood Treating

• Water from oil production wells

• Effluent Polishing

Contaminants Removed

• Diesel fuel, gasoline


• Heavy metals

• Oil & grease

• Solvents

• Pentachlorophenol & Creosote

• Fecal coliforms

• Pharmaceuticals

Filter Maintenance

Filter maintenance is simple. The addition of specially designed hatches to the EcoVault® makes them easily accessible for periodic examination or change.  In order for filters to remain effective, it is recommended that they should be replaced either annually or semi-annually, depending on the local conditions. Filters are reusable, which lowers the cost of replacement. Quarterly inspection of the vaults is recommended to ensure the debris screens are not getting clogged with larger organic matter.