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MZ Stormwater Media
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MZ Stormwater Media
MZ Stormwater Media

ESI MZ is a patented, modified alumino silicate that is designed to absorb anions such as chromate, selenate, sulfate, hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene, toluene, and xylene), heavy metals (e.g. lead and cadmium), and various petroleum products from aqueous waste streams.

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• Groundwater

• Stormwater

• Manufacturing Process Water

• Paint Stripping

• Electroplating

• Wood Treating

• Water from oil production wells

• Effluent Polishing

Contaminants Removed

• Diesel fuel, gasoline


• Heavy metals

• Oil & grease

• Solvents

• Pentachlorophenol & Creosote

• Fecal coliforms

• Pharmaceuticals

How EcoSense MZ Filter Media Works

The basic concept involves imparting hydrophobicity to alumino silicate substrate by coating it with a strongly bound hydrophobic compound.  Other hydrophobic chemicals, such as hydrocarbons, prefer to combine with the surface-modified particles rather than maintaining suspension in water.  The treated alumino silicate also absorbs inorganic oxyanions such as chromate, phosphate, ammonia and sulfate while maintaining its natural absorbtion capacity for heavy metals.  The base media is an alumino silicate with an exceptional cation exchange capacity.  The modifying agent is a strong cation that replaces other cations on the surface producing a surface anion exchanger.

MZ Filter Media Properties: 

 Cation exchange capacity: 2.2 meq/g

Bulk density (treated): 55 bs/ft3

Hardness: 5.1 mohs

Pore size: 4.0A

 Thermal stability: 1,202F

Specific surface area: 40 m2/g

Mesh size: 4×6, 6×14

Crushing strength: 2,500 lb/in2

ESI MZ can be effective in removing many contaminants from waste streams, including oil, grease, heavy metals, and biological pathogens.

See more contaminants that MZ can remove

• Fecal Coliforms and other pathogens

• Anthracene, Naphthalene, & Benzene

• Non-ionic surfactants

• Chloroform

• Penenthrene

• Creosote

• Oil & Grease

• Ethyl benzene

• Pentachlorophenol

• Diesel fuel


• Flourene

• Pyrene

• Fulvi acid

• Solvents

• Tolulene

• Hunic acid

• Indeno pyrene

• Methylene Chloride

 • Ammonia

• THMs

• Aluminum

• Magnesium

• Antimony

• Manganese

• Arsenic

• Mercury

• Barium

• Nickel

• Cadmium

• Selenium

• Calcium

• Phosphate

• Silver

• Chromium

• Tin

• Copper

• Zinc

MBPP Absorbent Socks
MBPP Absorbent Socks

Our standard medium for passive stormwater filtration, ESI MBPP, is a proprietary polymer manufactured to ESI specifications.  It is manufactured by techniques which produce a very large surface-to-volume ratio.  The filtered particle rating is 5 microns, but the product is loaded into ESI filters in a way that produces high flow rates (58 gallons/minute/square foot at 1-foot head pressure).

ESI MBPP is our most economical filter medium and is well suited for high traffic urban sectors. ESI MBPP not only removes oil and grease, but the associated heavy metals, fine sediments and organic particles plus the nutrients bound with them.

Independent certified NELAP environmental laboratory testing was performed to evaluate the efficiency of ESI MBPP for stormwater filtration.  The tests included EPA 410.4 COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and an EPA 8015 Mod. (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons by GC).

A liquid mixture of inorganic solids, various hydrocarbons (including numerous common fuels, kerosene, as well as mineral spirits and motor oils) were included in this mixture to represent typical contaminants of urban/industrial stormwater.  The solution was diluted into 12 gallons of unfiltered tap water.

The mixture was then poured over a #3.5MBPP standard ESI surface/storm water filter, completely passed through the filter in 7 seconds and was collected for testing. The results were as follows:

      EPA 410.4 COD*: 98% of inorganic solids were recovered

EPA 8015 MOD*. “Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons” test:

ESI Filter removed the tested hydrocarbons at or below the available detection limit of 250 mcg/L

*All certified test results are available by request from Advanced Water Engineering, Inc., (321.777.4909 or [email protected])

Oil Absorbent Booms
Oil Absorbent Booms

Oil Booms are made with the highest quality components to produce the most effective oil absorbent containment boom on the market. They do not have voids to compromise performance and you can rely on the steel nickel plated rings, carabiner style steel nickel plated snaps, UV resistant polyester netting and high tensile strength rope to help eliminate boom roll.

Oil Booms are primarily used to absorb / skim oil-based spills from all types of terrain and bodies of water. You can link them together into barriers of any length for containment and absorption. They are manufactured using an outer net of polyester and an inner sock of spun-bond polypropylene.

Oil Absorbent Boom features

• Rope running along length of Boom adds strength for deployment and retrieval

• Strong, carabiner style, steel nickel plated steel bit snaps and rings allow you to link Booms together for greater length

• Polypropylene fill Oil Boom is highly absorbent and selective in absorbing oil-based spills in a variety of environments

• Tough outer netting resists snags and debris while remaining pliable

• Spun bond polypropylene skin is UV resistant and meets NFPA 99 standards for static decay

• Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids—including lubricants, fuels and cleaning agents

• Hugs ground to contain spills on land; floats on water to contain and soak up spills on water

• Can be incinerated

• Custom sized to meet any needs

Eco-Filtration Pads
Eco-Filtration Pads

This groundbreaking filtration media is designed for removal of phosphates, organics, toxins, ammonia, heavy metals and particulates. Unique manufacturing allows Ecopads to be impregnated with solid particles (a massive 5 ounces of media per square foot of pad). This pad has a loose structure that resists premature clogging. It contains thick and thin fibers to maximize fine filtration, and has a debris trapping lining. EcoPads are ideal for any canister filter and will greatly improve efficiency of any Baffle Box or other filtration structure.