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When EcoVault® meets EcoVault-DN™

Exceptional Removal Rates
Nitrate Capture2 75%
Ammonia Capture2 89.7%
Phosphorous Capture2 99.9%
Heavy Metals from Capture2 66% to 100%

DeNitra-Vault™ combines the features and performance of both the EcoVault® and EcoVault-DN™. It is a great solution where space is limited. It couples the EcoVault’s proven separation performance with NutriGone™ media filtration in an upflow configuration.

NutriGone™ Filtration Media

Bio Active Media (BAM)

• Superior, all natural denitrification and phosphorus adsorption media
• This multi-functional media can be used in the EcoVault- DN™, DeNitra-Vault™, or any other storm water treatment system to     improve Nitrogen and Phosphorous removal
• Can be used independently as a media in denitrifying walls and gabions
• Easily applicable with LID (Low Impact Development) structures
• Beneficial when used to line the bottoms of lakes and ponds
• Suitable for drainage field applications