Near and Dear: Revitalizing Titusville

EcoSense to Install a DeNitra-Vault™ at the New Titusville Mall

July 8, 2016

Working in conjunction with the City of Titusville and Ramage Contracting of Mims, FL, EcoSense International (ESI) has designed a new DeNitra-Vault™ for the Titus Landings Shopping Center, which is currently under construction.

The Titus Landing Shopping Center has had to overcome many snags on its road to fruition and the stormwater improvements incorporated into the design are no exception. ESI has been working tirelessly to design the best performing and most cost-effective treatment device that will treat all of the stormwater runoff around the new shopping center. The DeNitra-Vault™ Second Generation Baffle Box, featuring NutriGone™, will remove heavy metals, hydrocarbons, phosphorus, nitrogen, and many other pollutants from the stormwater runoff before it is released into the Indian River Lagoon.

In addition to better pollutant removal rates, ESI offers greater cost savings over its competitors. The average price of an ESI structure is about 25% lower than their competitors’ structures, while still removing more overall pollutants. This is very important for this specific project, and contributing to the community is a key component of the ESI Mission Statement. These cost savings are passed along to the City and in turn, the taxpayers and stakeholders here in Brevard County. Like many cities here on the Space Coast, Titusville suffered during the recession of the late-2000s. The Titus Landings Shopping Center looks to breathe life into the struggling community and supply a foundation for new small businesses to come to the area.

The Titus Landing Shopping Center has been featured in many local news outlets, including Florida Today and the Viera Voice. Many videos have been posted on YouTube about the project and the new mall already has its own Facebook page.

As a small business here on the Space Coast, ESI is proud to be a part of renewing an area desperately in need of new life. More news will follow as the project nears completion. Stay tuned!