Creating a Safer & More Cost Efficient Future : ESSG (EcoSense Safety Stop Gates)

April 25, 2021

After having witnessed, the possible dangers relating to not creating a safe/secure inner vault environment for the maintenance personnel during the vault clean-out cycle, we decided to take a serious and devoted look at developing our ESSG ‘easy install’ stop gate. We saw the opportunity to build upon our 21 years of on-site experience. We decided to utilize our design and engineering capabilities as well as the diversity of combined high strength and quality materials and technologies. Our goal was clear, “we need to design a product, that is easy to use while keeping the vaults dry and safe during interior maintenance work cycles”.

Yes, it is a fact that design and development hours are costly, but in this case, we felt it a worthy investment. Many months were devoted to developing our approved customer accepted safety stop gate (ESSG). 

Customer words: “ It (the ESSSG) creates such peace of mind that we currently don’t  have with some of the other products that we have used through the years”.

Not only from a safety perspective, but the ESSG’s also eliminate the high waste costs currently and otherwise incurred. Before the stop gate, users were forced to bring in divers to install and extract stops during high water conditions both before the necessary vault vac/clean out as well as after. This automatically detracts from the municipalities wanting to service their vaults within the necessary set frequency guidelines for proper maintenance. 

Customer words: “Up to now, we don’t look forward to having to coordinate all the costly and ‘not so safe’ efforts related to securing the vaults before we can send in the vac trucks and maintenance crews to perform their vault clean out objectives.”

With a clear understanding of how well the ESSG works, we feel this method of using our safety secure gate provides a reliable, yet simple, solution that eliminates safety water intrusion fears associated with this operation. In reality, this solution is covering all of what is needed for the ultimate safety of their below level maintenance crews (which is currently potentially hazardous).