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Labkotec Separator Alarm System – Protecting Our Environment

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Today, in all construction work, greater attention is being paid to protecting the environment, than ever before. Oil spills into sewers and ground leaks are controlled better than they used to be, thanks to the increasing use of separator systems. Oil separator systems now have a vital part in preventing environmental damage.

Typical applications for the separator systems are petrol stations, airports, parking areas, highways and other places where the risk of an oil spill onto the ground is present. The best safeguard against environmental damage is of course to use the separator system properly and service it periodically. Total reliability in the operation of the separator system can only be achieved when alarm devices are installed. Therefore it is possible to guarantee correct functioning of the separator year after year.

Labkotec Oy is a leading Finnish manufacturer and supplier of electronic level gauges, flow detection devices and alarms, automation and detector technology, and web-based data transmission solutions.

We have more than 40 years of experience of the industry, and have pioneered several new solutions. Our diverse and comprehensive expertise enables us to supply solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

Our electronic level gauges and leak detection and flow measurement technologies cover a comprehensive range of applications. Our communication units and data transmission systems relay readings in real time, independently of permanent electrical or cable networks.

Automation and detector technology is widely used in access control systems in industrial installations, in storage silos and ports, as well as at snow dumping and landfill sites.

Our TransControl system is based on RFID identification technology and fulfils the requirements of the International Ship and Port Security Facility (ISPS) code.

Labkotec alarm devices will satisfy the demands in terms of many standards and regulations.

     • Designed to comply EN 858-1&2 and PPG3 norms

     • Warns of excessive levels of oil, sludge & liquids

     • Prevents pollution incidents (spills, leakage)

     • Fail-safe & fault monitoring systems in built

     • Indicates when separator needs emptying, reducing waste management cost

     • Remote monitoring capability

     • Sensors for various applications

     • No moving parts, Easy installation, ATEX approved

Oil separator alarm models and applications

Oil separator alarm device OilSET-1000

The OilSET-1000 level alarm instrument is specially designed for oil separators and grease traps. It indicates when it is time to empty the oil separator thus preventing harmful hydrocarbon emissions to the sewer system.

OilSET-1000 control unit and SET/DM3AL sensor

SandSET-1000 - Sludge alarm device for oil and sand separators

The SandSET-1000 is a complete package to detect sand or sludge in the tanks. The SET/S2 sensor gives alarm signal when there is sand or sludge between the ultrasonic sensing elements.

The ultrasonic SET/S2 sensor does not require any calibration, or any regular service. Just install the sensor at the correct alarm level.

SandSET-1000 control unit and SET/S2 sensor

SET-2000 Hi Level/Oil alarm device with two sensors

The SET-2000 Hi Level/Oil is equipped with two sensors, one indicates the oil layer and the other indicates blockage detection. i.e. high level in case of sewer blockage or closure of the closing device.

SET-2000 control unit, SET/DM3AL and SET/V sensors

SET-2000 Oil/Sludge alarm device with two sensors

The SET-2000 Oil/Sludge is equipped with two sensors, one indicates the oil layer and the other indicates when there is sand or sludge between the sensing elements of the SET/S2 ultrasonic sensor.

SET-2000 control unit, SET/DM3AL and SET/S2 sensors

Inspection shaft oil alarm with the floating SET/OSK2 sensor

The SET/OSK2 sensor indicates an oil layer in an inspection shaft, pump shaft or on a water basin.

SET/OSK2 floating oil sensor and SET-1000 control unit

SET-1000 and SET/TSHS2 grease separator alarm

The SET/TSHS2 sensor’s operating principle is capacitive and therefore it is an ideal choice for applications with greater amounts of solid grease than normal.

In alarm condition the SET-1000 will energize the internal buzzer and LED. For remote indication of the alarm condition the relay output facility can be utilized.

SET-1000 control unit and SET/TSHS2 sensor

OMS-1 oil separator alarm device

OMS-1 alarm device is specially designed for oil separators.

It indicates when it is time to empty the oil separator thus it prevents harmful hydrocarbon emissions to the sewer system.

OMS-1 control unit and OMS sensor

Digital Sensors

SET/DM3DL – digital conductivity sensor

SET/DM3DL oil interface sensor is installed in the light liquid storage chamber at a specified level (refer to separators manufactures technical drawings).

The sensor alarms when the top section of the sensor is in contact with oil. The sensor is normally immersed in water.

SET/S2 – digital ultrasonic sensor

SET/S2 sludge alarm sensor is installed in the lower section of the separator. The sensor alarms when the sludge layer reaches the sensor. The sensor is normally immersed in water.

SET/V – digital vibration sensor

SET/V high level sensor is installed above the outlet’s upper level. The sensor alarms when in contact with liquid, oil or water. The sensor is normally in air.

LevelSet S Model

3 Digital probe alarm systems, Equipped with Fail-Safe alarm facility, Allow data transmission to mobile device via GSM modem, built-in LED sensors

Labkotec offers a wide range of oil, sand and grease separator alarm systems.

Special attention to the design of various models has improved reliability and performance, which benefits the world’s environment.