What's New at EcoSense

EcoSense Reaches Out to the Other Side of the Baltic Sea
September 8, 2015 — Every summer, EcoSense International’s (ESI) CEO, George Dussich, spends three to four months traveling around Europe. The focus of his trip is to meet with ESI’s European distributors and sales representatives, and if possible attend several trade shows and conferences. Part of his trip is also dedicated... Read more

City of Casselberry to Use Vault-Ox® in All Stormwater Treatment Structures
July 14, 2015 — In response to a study performed in 2014 by the Florida Department of Environmental (FDEP) Protection, the City of Casselberry will begin to use EcoSense International’s (ESI) Vault-Ox® in all of their stormwater treatment structures to improve discharge numbers. Vault-Ox® is a granular media that... Read more

EcoSense makes an impact 500 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle
June 10, 2015 — As part of his summer travels to Europe, EcoSense International’s (ESI) CEO, George Dussich began his trip in Sweden. While in Sweden, he worked with ESI’s Scandinavian distributor on their most recent EcoVault® installation in Tromsö, Norway. Seeing as it was ESI’s first business in... Read more

EcoSense International Develops Breakthrough De-Nitrification Technology
May 14, 2015 — Early in 2014, in an effort to reduce nitrogen loading to the Indian River Lagoon (IRL), the Brevard County Department of Natural Resources met with the engineers at EcoSense International (ESI) to discuss improvements to Phase 2 of their Micco/Little Hollywood BMP Project.  Phase 1... Read more