NutriGone Filter Media Patent Awarded

March 25, 2021

December 10, 2019: NutriGoneTM filter media receives UPSTO patent award based on unexpected results.


NutriGoneTM is a superior, all-natural, bio-active (bio-retentive) filtration media. Its unique ingredients provide efficient removal for a wide variety of pollutants including nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals, organic compounds and other emerging contaminants. NutriGoneTM is 100% safe. Several formulations are available to meet the needs of a variety of site conditions. NutriGoneTM is all natural and contains no rubber or other man-made materials.

Patent Review:

Patent applications and reviews are tedious to say the least. There are almost always other inventions making similar claims of purpose and function. These other inventions are called “prior art”.

The UPSTO “patent examiners” must review a great deal of highly technical information. So, they communicate regularly with attorneys, asking questions and citing prior art. Our NutriGoneTM patent review was no different. After months of arguments and explanations, our attorneys told us they were at an impasse; that the examiner had pieced together components from two examples of prior art.

To bolster our argument and put us over the goal line, we needed an ace in hole. We must provide evidence of unexpected results! The general rule is to compare the claimed invention with the closest prior art. So, we went to work designing a comparison.

To view the comparison study, please click the link below.