EcoVault-DN™ Sees First Round of Testing

EcoSense International’s Prototype De-Nitrification System Delivers Some Outstanding Results

January 27, 2016


EcoSense International’s (ESI) highly efficient, yet cost effective denitrification system, known as the EcoVault-DN™, is one of the most innovative new technologies to be introduced into the stormwater management industry. The EcoVault-DN™ is a modified bioreactor that can be used to protect areas with high levels of nitrogen in the groundwater. It will become an important tool when used to remediate the high levels of Total Nitrogen (TN), Nitrates, Nitrites, Ammonia and Total Phosphorus (TP) that can be found in groundwater and stormwater discharge.
EcoSense International’s excitement comes from the excellent results that were extracted from the EcoVault-DN™ structure that was installed in Micco, FL back in May of 2015. The samples were taken by the Brevard County Department of Natural Resources and the results were analyzed by Pace Analytical Laboratories before being sent over to ESI’s main facility for review on Jan. 27th. Needless to say, the results were pleasing and the system showed favorable removal rates of TN, Nitrates, Nitrites, Ammonia and TP from water that had passed through the system.
With these and so many other endorsements, ESI continues to be on the cutting edge of innovative, cost effective, and environmentally preferable solutions for challenges that harm our Earth’s water supply. ESI is proud of these hard earned results comparable to, or in most cases, superior to other nitrate reduction products. ESI looks forward to another round of testing, which will hopefully further prove the abilities of their new treatment system.
We are impatiently waiting for a second round of tests results, so we can share them with you.