EcoSense Begins Business in Norway

EcoSense makes an impact 500 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle

June 10, 2015

As part of his summer travels to Europe, EcoSense International’s (ESI) CEO, George Dussich began his trip in Sweden. While in Sweden, he worked with ESI’s Scandinavian distributor on their most recent EcoVault® installation in Tromsö, Norway. Seeing as it was ESI’s first business in Norway, Mr. Dussich saw it as beneficial to the company and customer for him to personally oversee the final installation procedures. “Since we have never had the challenge of installing our products at any municipalities in Norway, we became quite excited in realizing that ESI’s proven technologies were becoming recognized as far North as the Arctic Circle,” said Mr. Dussich.

After many discussions between the ESI engineers, the engineers for the city of Tromsö, and ESI’s Scandinavian distributer SEKA Miljöteknik AB, it was determined that the EcoVault® would be perfectly suited to handle their water quality needs. As the EcoVault® is customizable to suit almost any customer application, the decision makers for the city of Tromso requested that ESI design their EcoVault® with every available option that the company offered. These options entail: Vault-Ox® with the necessary Infusion Modules, Baffle Buddy™ Cassette Filters for nutrient removal, and Stainless Steel Anti-ReSuspension panels, that aid in directional flow control. With all of these options, the EcoVault® is capable of reaching some of the highest quality water treatment levels that are seen in the stormwater remediation industry as tested by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection1.

CEO George Dussich inspects an EcoVault® in Tromsö, Norway.

On the first day, Mr. Dussich’s focus was to make sure that the EcoVault® was correct and that all of the internal components went in as designed by ESI’s VP of Engineering, Randy Burden. Together, Mr. Dussich looked over and discussed the necessary start up procedures. When all was correct and running properly, the next day’s session was scheduled for maintenance training and future project discussions. The first day was definitely eventful for ESI’s CEO. As Mr. Dussich recalls, “That first day, I spent about three hours in two feet of ice cold water, four feet below ground level, making sure all was working smoothly.” A part of ESI’s standard company service, Mr. Dussich gave their engineers and maintenance personnel a full product presentation, including a great question and answer segment. “When they drove me to the airport, the next day, they were very happy with our service,” Mr. Dussich said.

The city of Tromsö was impressed by the EcoVault® because of its design and build quality. Also, unlike comparable structures, the EcoVault is easy to maintain and work with. “We have built great customer relationships because our products produce high quality discharge water, are reliable, efficient, and are easy to maintain,” said Mr. Dussich. “After this visit, they understood that we are not afraid to jump in and help when necessary.” Literally. Mr. Dussich reflected on the trip by saying, “I proudly stood there, in the beginning of June, in the center of the city with the municipality’s group of civil engineers, project managers, maintenance supervisor, laborers, and equipment, in about 38 degree weather with a light snow dust coming down. It was a very powerful moment. The excitement level was contagious.”

ESI looks forward to more projects in Norway and the surrounding countries.