Battling the Status Quo: A War of Attrition

A Message from EcoSense International’s President and CEO, George Dussich

February 1, 2016

We here at EcoSense International (ESI) have never been comfortable with the status-quo. Instead, we are constantly searching for a better way to serve our ever so deserving environment. This we do, so that we may feel proud of our real solutions, which take care of real problems, to help our fragile and defenseless environment. This nitrate reduction commitment demonstrates just another of our VP of Engineering, Randy Burden’s many accomplishments. We look forward to utilizing his gift of intelligence as a major tool in our continued quest of being proudly recognized as one of the best stormwater treatment companies in the world. We have always strived at producing superior products and services that deliver the best results. We are very excited to share this good news with you, our intellectually environmentally devoted friends.
We reach out to our fellow environmentalists, engineers, doctors, PE’s, friends, and interested individuals, when we say that we have given up a lot and taken many calculated risks during our journey. These risks have allowed us to reach various superior product development goals. So, we are very excited to share this good news with you. In hindsight, our motivating nucleus was constantly kept alive with the realization that our difficult and expensive investments would hopefully lead to greatly assisting our children’s future environment. This is the basis to our devotion. With this, our hope is that there should be little doubt that you will recognize our commitment to bringing superior products at industry leading prices to the benefit of our customer’s ongoing and difficult work within the stormwater management industry.
As stated in a recent ESI press release, we were excited about the results that came from the initial tests that were performed on our EcoVault-DN™, our innovative de-nitrification bioreactor. The success of this pilot project that began last May in Micco, FL has brought about the next generation of stormwater management technology. We expect ongoing tests to bring even better results and are excited to add the EcoVault-DN™ to our already proven repertoire of stormwater management products.
We sincerely appreciate our client’s patronage and welcome your continued business. Please visit our newly rebuilt website at for more information. We want to say thanks to the many people that assisted us with their thoughts and valued information.


George Dussich, President/CEO