What's New at EcoSense

FSA Summer Conference 2017, Boot# 26
June 6, 2017 — ESI will be at Sanibel Harbor Marriot Resort for the FSA Summer Conference (June 14-16). We are sponsoring internet access/WIFI again this year. We will also be presenting for the Emerging Technologies section (June 15; 4:04 pm) and are excited to see what’s upcoming this... Read more

EcoSense to Install a DeNitra-Vault™ at the New Titusville Mall
July 8, 2016 — Working in conjunction with the City of Titusville and Ramage Contracting of Mims, FL, EcoSense International (ESI) has designed a new DeNitra-Vault™ for the Titus Landings Shopping Center, which is currently under construction. The Titus Landing Shopping Center has had to overcome many snags on... Read more

Volusia County Chooses EcoSense International as the Sole Provider of Stormwater Management Systems
May 12, 2016 — Earlier this year, EcoSense International (ESI) was invited by Volusia County to submit a bid to become the sole source provider of all stormwater treatment devices throughout the entire county. Out of several bidders, ESI was awarded the contract in mid-May. The contract is for... Read more

A Message from EcoSense International’s President and CEO, George Dussich
February 1, 2016 — We here at EcoSense International (ESI) have never been comfortable with the status-quo. Instead, we are constantly searching for a better way to serve our ever so deserving environment. This we do, so that we may feel proud of our real solutions, which take care... Read more

EcoSense International’s Prototype De-Nitrification System Delivers Some Outstanding Results
January 27, 2016 —   EcoSense International’s (ESI) highly efficient, yet cost effective denitrification system, known as the EcoVault-DN™, is one of the most innovative new technologies to be introduced into the stormwater management industry. The EcoVault-DN™ is a modified bioreactor that can be used to protect areas with... Read more